Technology Wishlist – Living Room Dashboard

My technology wishlist is long. I like to think about where we are and where we can be. I try to see the big picture trends.

I want a display in my living room that is always on and brings content from the web. The device isn’t as important because we have TVs and other smart displays that could fill that role. Although, it’s important this display be dedicated to the dashboard.

The service would bring relevant content from the internet and from household members’ online profiles. It would show the time of day, weather forecast, household events, and other info that everyone might want to know. However, I want to connect it to my social profiles too. When two or more members of the household are publicly engaged in online interaction it should be shown on the dashboard. Perhaps the service can connect to a Facebook account where you can choose which albums to show new photos from (or use that album or collection of albums as a rotating picture frame).

I want to be able to send a note to the dashboard that will notify my family if I’ll be getting home late from work. Such a service should also contain the household shopping list. My wife would be able to add a new shopping list and assign it me. I would get a notification and know that I needed to go to the store after work.

I want the service to be customizable. Not only with built-in features to give you control but a robust platform kit so others can develop for it to add functionality.¬†The service would be controlled only from other devices. You could customize and access the service from any device (desktop, tablet, mobile). You could also see exactly what’s on the screen at any time from any device.

Does such a service exist? Can you imagine other uses for it?