Social Media for Business

I work in self storage with my wife. We’re managers at a local storage facility in Bend, Oregon. We’ve been hacking away at social media for the business for awhile now…about a year. We’ve seen little to no engagement. I’ve been struggling with how to make it work and we finally figured it out (I’m pretty sure).

Over the last few months I’ve come to learn that social media for business isn’t about pushing content. There are specific techniques that work and they aren’t silver bullets. Social media is about directly connecting with the people that care about your brand. These people want to engage with you but not if all you do is shove sales promotions and uninteresting info at the.

Successful use of social media in business involves having a consistent brand image and a story that matters to our target audience. In self storage we struggled to come up with a theme or vision. It wasn’t until an outside source helped us understand what our story was. It’s simple and obvious but we couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Our story is about the things people store. We’ve crafted our entire content strategy around the unique and sentimental items that people care about.

As we move forward with tenant spotlights and humorous videos and pictures we hope to strike a cord with the community of people who have used, are using and will use self storage. This is a long term vision that will take work. We’re setting up a campaign to create compelling content that is interesting and fun. And that’s the key.

At its core, social media is where people spend time to be entertained and to connect with people and entities that interest them. To engage with the community we have to create content that is meaningful to them.

The things people store are the very core of our business and we care deeply about these items just as our tenants do. Our social media vision is to embrace this truth and share that passion with our audience. It’s not about tricking people into liking our Facebook page, it’s about being honest about who we are. As we engage our audience where they are we will see them engage with us.