Self Storage Dashboard – First Release

Its here. I’ve polished, tested and optimized as much as I feel is necessary. The app is in the wild and being used by the self storage managers in our company. Initial reactions are very positive.

I renamed a few sections since last post and I cleaned up the interface a bit. There are a few things I’d like to update and add but the core functionality is done and dependable.

I’ll be spending the next month considering and implementing feedback as I fine-tune the app.

Before I get too far ahead of myself I’d like to get input from a designer and UX guru. I’d love to incorporate more JavaScript and use Ajax for updating. However, I won’t be adding any UX bling until the product is more solidified.

Ultimately, I’d love to turn the front-End into a client-side app that is saved to the client’s machine in localStorage, have it call data from localStorage first and then get updates from the server as needed.

I’ve been itching to use AngularJS but I haven’t yet found a project to build with it. I’ve heard of people using CodeIgniter with Angular so this project could be a good first-use-case.