Self Storage Dashboard – Facility Log

Up until now the Dashboard has been for lead management. We needed an easy, user-friendly way to handle inquiries and waitlists. Well, now we need a way to consistently record the state of our facility and various events that everyone who might manage it should know.

Enter, the facility log. It’s a journal where we track important information about the facility that everyone who manages should know. We’ll use it to track important tenant conversations and leave notes about facility happenings.

As soon as my daughter hits the hay I’ll start building the facility log. It shouldn’t take too long but it will provide immediate benefits in better communication, not only between my wife and I but also relief managers who cover for us.

Do you know of any storage software that currently provides this feature?

Update: the facility log core functionality is built. I need to finish setting up permissions and then I’ll push these updates to the live server. I plan to have them live by Monday.

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