Self Storage Dashboard – Admin Panel

I finally finished the admin panel. I was hoping to have the first usable version completed within 2 weeks. That’s not going to happen.

The extra development time I put into the panel will allow company admins to manage their own users and facilities. If this thing is at all useful it’ll be that much closer to a releasable product. To sell the service would require a redesign, a pay wall and other stuff…?

That being said, I’m not getting bogged down with fully setting this up to release because this project is all about proof of concept and user-trials (practicing Minimum Viable Product). You could say this project is a hack (a hack is worth a thousand pictures).

Anyway, finishing the area for managing users, companies, facilities and unit sizes was tedious because it didn’t feel as close to the core idea as I would like. Some of it was absolutely necessary, though.

I’m excited to finally connect my html mockup to the data. Last night I dug into adding, viewing and editing leads. Next up, I’ll display leads in, hopefully, useful ways. The site will have the following sections for viewing leads: My Leads, My Waitlist and Public (leads shared to the company).

I’ll post a link or screenshots as soon as I can.