Minimum Viable Product & Mobile First

I’m really enjoying this quick side project. I’m building a lead tracking site for #selfstorage. It’s always been a pain tracking down Post-It notes. This solution should fix that.

I’ve been working on feature creep and sticking to the minimum viable product (MVP) at launch. It has really opened my eyes to how quickly you can make something interesting when you’re focused. It makes a lot of sense to start with the smallest possible product and then listen to what the customer wants and build from there. In the past I’ve tried to implement way too much at launch. That’s a frustrating experience.

For this project I’m using CodeIgniter and a bit of CSS help from Normalize and forms and buttons by

The site is fully responsive from 320px and was my first experience taking to heart ‘mobile first’. I used to think it was a general catchphrase meaning to think about mobile as you build. What I’ve come to learn is that mobile first is a literal statement: build the site for mobile devices first and progressively enhance it for larger screens. Using this technique leaves no room for a half-baked mobile site.

If you’re not on mobile your being left behind and you’re frustrating the hell out of me. I hate looking at desktop-only sites from my phone.