Foreign Policy

A person shouldn’t be expected to have a solution for every potential foreign issue. However, you can have a framework through which you observe and make decisions.

The foreign policy should be a reflection of the country’s value system. We hold that all people were created equal with certain inalienable rights. Those rights guide our decision at home and abroad. As a country we extend those rights to all our citizens no matter where in the world they might be. That means we will not tolerate other people harming our citizens.

To protect these values we erect layers of protection, through various means, as a defense against those wishing to do us harm at home.

We plant consulates in all foreign countries that are friendly for two reasons. One, to keep open pathways of communication between us and the foreign government and two, to keep tabs on our people wherever they might be.

We maintain a policy of speaking softly and carrying the biggest stick. Not so that we may invade countries to conquer them but to deter and stop terrorist from attacking our home and to provide aide to countries in need who call upon us to extend our values outward for the betterment of people who are suffering (not governments).

What other considerations affect a foreign policy at this macro level?

What would a micro level view of foreign policy look like?