The bite of cold on your back.

The burn of heat on your knees.

When you lose yourself in the bright orange glow.

I leaned into the dying embers. It was cold out and I hadn’t decided whether to go to bed. Maybe I lingered because of the unusual silence. That’s not to say there wasn’t noise. I heard frogs in the distance, the low droning of the ocean and a chorus of crickets. What I meant by silence is the feeling of having no one or nothing pulling at my attention. I had no obligations until morning.

Morning and night seem like things when you’re camping. How often do you stop and think about the morning? It’s something that happens with such ¬†regularity we forget that it brings newness. Every day something new and unexpected will happen. Every day is a chance to more closely articulate who you are — to yourself, your family and the world. Because aren’t we all discovering more about ourselves each day?

Maybe tomorrow morning you could think about yourself. Ask if your outward persona is the same as who you are on the inside. If you find disparity between the two, why? Why can’t you live according to your inner person?

I’m not saying you should live as a stream of consciousness. You need to respect and love people. Sometimes the truth doesn’t need to be spoken.

Are there things you don’t do but wish you could? I’m not talking about everyday things, these are deep passions that well up in you frequently. Or maybe you’ve ignored and suppressed the passion for so long it’s dormant. You’ve told yourself this one thing is out of reach…and you believed it.

In the past year I’ve come to realize that people make themselves. Nobody gets a hand out, nobody gets lucky. Successful people make success happen. In the same way, you can make happen whatever passion is deep inside you.

The world needs your passion. What you have has never been. Your collection of passion and experiences make you special. They say every person has at least one book to write. What they mean is that everyone has a thing, a message, a fire inside.

It would be a shame for you to glide through life without knowing your true self. The self that only exists when you’re chasing your passion, your dream.