Enabling Spontanious Web Development Teams

Goal: to enable individual developers and designers to work together towards a common goal.

Method: by creating an online space where users can create informal teams of 1 or more people.

Process: a user creates their profile, they start a team for completing a specific goal, they invite specific people to join the team or they leave it open for anyone to join and then everyone in the team works to complete the goal.

Tools: the team-space would have automatic communication tools, source code management (SCM), shared file storage for photos or other generic file-types, bug tracking and document creation.

Communication Tools
Upon logging in and entering the team-space the user automatically becomes apart of a team chat–both voice and text (the users microphone is muted upon entry to the space). The team-space also contains a news feed for more persistent messaging.

SCM (git-like)
Version control has been done before and if the platform can use an existing service through APIs that would be a preferable option.

File Storage
Online file storage has also been done well so using existing services would be key.

Bug Tracking
Simple tracking feature to assign a bug to a member and then complete it or reassign it.

These documents would be used for defining the project and its goals. They could simply be pages of that team-space (made public if the team desires).


Each team-space would have a public-facing page that would describe the project and allow for other members of the community to comment on the team/project as a whole. The content of the public page would be controlled by the team.
The creation of this platform would focus on seamlessly integrating existing services and only creating new services if they don’t already exist.

The platform enables spontaneous collaboration between developers and designers who otherwise would not be able to work together as efficiently (if at all).
It facilitates a community where users can find like-minded people for the purpose of connecting in small groups.
The team-space is one location where team members can “meet” to collaborate.