Changing Direction

Call me crazy but I’ve been working on a web development project that the client has put on hold (perhaps indefinitely). I was having a hard time starting anything else because this project is at a level that I really need more experience with and I have a tendency to start things and not finish them. I didn’t want this to be one more thing I didn’t finish. My plan is to work on this project until its completely done and ready to deliver. That way, if the client does want to continue I’ll be a month ahead of schedule. Otherwise, I will have gained valuable experience and the satisfaction of completing a project.

The last three nights have seen me programming for 3.5 hours each night. I’ve made a lot if progress in that time and have been able to tackle some code that was difficult a few months ago but is easier now. Its given me a renewed sense of achievement and courage as I get ready to change careers and do web dev full-time.

In fact, that’s my New Year’s resolution. Sometime within 2013 I want to begin working in web development full-time. Before I jump ship from my current job, which provides decent pay, I’ve set some goals.

I want to have completed a handful of small to medium projects and display them in my portfolio. At least one of those projects should be pro bono, another should be something that I am deeply passionate about and a third project should be something I build and give away as an open-source web tool. If time allows, I’d like to experience modifying and creating WordPress themes.

I’m excited for the future! I feel really blessed to live in a country where I am free to change the course of my life as I desire. Many citizens of other countries do not have such freedoms and opportunities.